Best Cell Phone Deals August

14 August 2017

All the best cell phone plan deals for August, all in one place. 

We track the latest cell phone deals from over 30 providers - below are some of our current favorites for August, including the recently extended Sprint $0 unlimited data deal. 

To check out our list of the best plans, head to our this guide, best cell phone plans, or to find your new phone start here

Below are the best cell phone deals for the week of August 14th, 2017

#1 DealMotorola Moto Z2 Force - Free Gift

AT&T's got the new Motorola Moto Z2 and it's pretty sweet

  • What: Get a Free Insta-Share Projector Moto Mod with it ($299.99 value). Must redeem offer by 10/6/17
  • Why: The phone is going to blow your mind. Oh yeah, did we mention you get an Insta-Share Projector too? Don't even think about this.
#2 DealApple iPhone 6 - $150 Off
Limited Time

Get a special deal on iPhone 6 from Boost Mobile today.

  • What: Right now, get $150 instant discount + $100 account credit on the Apple iPhone 6 32GB
  • Why: The iPhone 6 is still a player in this game....get this deal before its too late
#3 DealUnlimited Data - 4 Lines - Special Offer

Right now, customers switching from MetroPCS or Cricket get 4 lines of unlimited data for $100/mo

  • What: Customers switching from MetroPCS or Cricket get 4 lines for $25/line
  • Why: Looking for a family plan with unlimited data for a reasonable price? Look no further!
#4 Deal2 Lines Unlimited Data - Promo

Get 2 lines with Unlimited Data on Cricket Wireless for $80/mo

  • What: Get the new Unlimited 2 line Plan for $80 (at max 3 Mbps data speeds)
  • Why: 2 Lines...Unlimited Data....$80/mo? Your dreams have come true!
#5 Deal Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB

Right now on Metro PCS, you can get a special offer on Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB.

  • What: Get the Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB for only $349.00
  • Why: The Galaxy S6 retails much higher than what Metro PCS is offering, don't wait..
#6 DealSamsung Galaxy S8 - 50% with Sprint Flex Pay

Get a Special Deal from Sprint on Samsung Galaxy S8 with Sprint Flex Pay

  • What:Get 50% off the Samsung Galaxy S8 with Flex Lease on a new line of service.
  • Why:Activation is free plus, the phone is 50% off, what else do you want?
#7 Deal Free Sprint Offer - Unlimited Data

Right now, Verizon customers who switch to Sprint get FREE Unlimited Data for 1 year

  • What: Verizon customers who switch get free unlimited data for 1 year
  • Why: These saving are too good to pass up, take advantage of this special offer
#8 Deal2 for 1 Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+

There's never been a better time to get a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ from T-Mobile

  • What: Get 2 for 1 Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ with finance agreements after up to $800 rebate back via prepaid card
  • Why: The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are Samsung's hottest new why not get the second one from FREE!
#9 DealBuy one Moto z2 force edition, get a second one free

T-Mobile has a sweet offer on the Moto Z2!

  • What: Get a second Moto Z2 Force FREE after rebate with finance agreements
  • Why: With amazing offers like this one, T-Mobile is slowly becoming the best carrier in the game.
#10 DealSpecial Price on Google Pixel or Pixel XL

Right now get the Google Pixel or Pixel XL and save big each month.

  • What: Online Offer! Purchase the Google Pixel or Pixel XL and get $9.58 monthly credit for 24 months ($229.99 total savings) with new monthly device payment activation.
  • Why: Trade-in an old phone and get up to $300 Credit when you purchase this select phone

#11 Deal$250 off any iPad with iPhone purchase

Right now, get $250 off any iPad with any iPhone purchase on monthly installments!

  • What: Exclusive Online Offer! Purchase any iPhone on monthly device payments and get $250 off the retail price of any iPad with 2-year contract.
  • Why: The iPhone 6s 32GB is the perfect phone for anyone! Plus you can get a matching iPad for $250 off!
#12 Deal Small 3 Month Plan - 3 Months for $45

Small Monthly Plan savings on The People's Operator

  • What: Bring your own phone and get 2GB of data and unlimited talk & text for 3 months for only $15/mo!
  • Why: These plan prices are almost too good to be true, so hurry, offer ends soon! 
#13 Deal Unlimited Goodness Noble - $25/mo

Unlimited Goodness Noble savings on The People's Operator

  • What: Bring your own phone and get 2GB of data, Unlimited Talk & Text for $25/mo for 3 months
  • Why: Get 10% off your Plan for 3 Months!
#14 Deal Samsung J3 White - $129 Upfront

Get a Samsung J3 Gold from Ting for only $129 upfront.

  • What: Get the Samsung J3 Gold for only $129
  • Why: The Samsung J3 is the perfect smartphone for anyone, get it today!
#15 Deal Unlimited Goodness Kind Plan - $12.80/mo

Unlimited Goodness Kind Plan savings on The People's Operator

  • What: Bring your own phone and get 500MB of data, 1000 Minutes and Unlimited texts for $12.80/mo for 6 months
  • Why: This is a WhistleOut Exclusive Offer! Get 20% off your Plan for 6 Months! 

#16 DealMotorola Moto Z2 Force - Free Gift

Verizon has got the new Motorola Moto Z2 and it's pretty awesome.

  • What: Get a Free Insta-Share Projector Moto Mod with it ($299.99 value). Must be redeemed by 9/29/17 by submitting proof of purchase
  • Why: The phone the hottest phone on the market right now. Oh and did we mention you get an Insta-Share Projector too? Don't even think about this.
#17 DealiPhone 7 256GB - $100 Off

T-Mobile has a hot deal on the iPhone 7 256GB

  • What: Get an iPhone 7 256GB and get $100 off the phone.
  • Why: T-Mobile always has the best deals for their customers, think you're ready?
#18 Deal ZTE Sonata 3 - Free

Free phones are on deck at Cricket Wireless, find out more below.

  • What: Right now when you switch to Cricket Wireless, you can get the ZTE Sonata 3 for FREE
  • Why: We think Free phones are pretty cool, especially the price.
#19 Deal Apple iPhone 6s Plus 64GB
Limited Time

The iPhone 6s Plus 64GB is on a special price right now!

  • What: Receive a $100 Discount when purchasing this phone in-store at Metro PCS after all offers. Special Offer: Get 1 GB of extra data on this plan.
  • Why: The iPhone 7 is a hot phone and has all the technology you can handle, get it while supplies last.
#20 DealSamsung Galaxy S8+ - 40% off!

Get huge savings on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ right now

  • What:Get 40% off this phone with Flex Lease
  • Why:The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is their flagship phone. The cost is too low to avoid buying this.



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